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Vasiliev Vladimir - Systema, Improvised Weapons

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Vasiliev Vladimir - Systema, Improvised Weapons 

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See how personal items can turn into deadly weapons. 

The aggressor in a self-defense situation will always seem to have some advantage over you, be that size or surprise or weapons or just plain 'killer instinct'. But how can you guarantee yourself to ALWAYS BE ARMED? In this absolutely jaw-dropping DVD, a master of Russian Systema, Vladimir Vasiliev, demonstrates the indescribable defensive effectiveness of everything you carry in daily life. 

Keys, Cap, Belt, Jacket, Umbrella, Pencil and Book are such commonplace objects, yet they can be used to obliterate vicious knife attacks, holds, punches and gun threats. 

The effortless, natural creativity demonstrated in this film will spill over far beyond martial arts training, into every area of your work and your life. You will NEVER see your surroundings or yourself in the same way ever again. Your mind will be permanently opened to the incredible power of EVERYTHING around you. 

AS SHOCKING AS SOME SCENES MAY APPEAR, Vladimir shows how to use improvised weapons without excessive destruction to the attacker, while controlling him instantly and completely.


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65 mn
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