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Vasiliev Vladimir - Systema, Gun Disarming

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Vasiliev Vladimir - Systema, Gun Disarming 

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Professionals of SPETSNAZ (the Russian Special Forces) are well known to be the unsurpassed masters of gun disarming. Now for the first time outside Russia, you can find out why. 

Vladimir Vasiliev brings to you his intense experience with an elite Special Operations Unit of SPETSNAZ. Classified for many decades, these techniques are absolutely brilliant in both effectiveness and simplicity. 

You will see the COMPLETE SYSTEM OF DISARMING HANDGUNS while empty-handed, from all possible positions and distances. Learn how to overcome an assailant in all four situations of gun threat: 

- prior to gun presentation
- gun in contact with the body
- gun within reach
- gun out of reach 

These remarkable moves are equally devastating when used by the military specialists in real combat as well as by inexperienced civilians in street defense. 

Clear explanations with high-action demonstrations. Easy to learn, it can save your life!


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70 mn
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