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Vasiliev Vladimir - Systema, Dynamic Joint Breaks

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Vasiliev Vladimir - Systema, Dynamic Joint Breaks 

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Fierce attack... Split-second of instant destruction... Dynamic Joint Breaks..!

Vladimir Vasiliev of the Russian Special Operations Unit, renowned co-founder of SYSTEMA Russian Martial Art, reveals the professional methods of Dynamic Joint and Limb Destruction.

These proven tactics emerge from no-second-chance life and death encounters.
Impacting both upper and lower limbs... always done on the move... Calm, subtle, precise, they permanently eliminate your opponent's desire and capacity to do any harm. 

With step-by-step instruction and real time demonstrations, this film is so easy to follow, learn and even teach to others! 

Vasiliev uncovers the three training elements you need to gain control and prevail. He presents a limitless variety of impeccable techniques along with smooth and effortless movements. See how he utilizes only his body position and intelligent force while his opponents fall broken in body and spirit. 

Learn what it takes to create advantage when there are no conventional options left.

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