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Vasiliev Vladimir - Path to Mastery

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Vasiliev Vladimir - Path to Mastery 

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JAPAN 2009

Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema Head Instructor and Russian Special Operations Unit professional takes you to a level beyond the obvious and demonstrates stunning ways to deal with ground attacks, hand-to-hand combat, multiple opponents and knife attacks.
Observe how the lightness, power and energy that Vladimir has never seems to wane despite the extreme heat and humidity of this Tokyo gym. Learn from the masterful demos permeated with natural grace, yet done with brutal efficiency as only someone with the experience of Vladimir can accomplish.

Witness many amazing things on the ground and in stand up confrontations, elements of which were both subtle yet very concrete. Study the ingenious mix of tension and relaxation that gets practitioners from any nation to relax and work far above their normal level in a joyful and rewarding way.

Move with the top professional whose very presence charges your Systema along the Path to Mastery.

A short video presentation.

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