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Katana - Unshu Ju Kobayashi Sadateru Saku Kore

Modern Craft - Unique Models

Katana - Unshu Ju Kobayashi Sadateru Saku Kore 

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On order

"Unshu Ju Kobayashi Sadateru Saku Kore" -

Total Weight
1.382 kg
Weight without Saya
1.087 kg
Blade Weight
0.962 kg
Full length
Naked Blade (Toshin)
95.2 cm
73.5 cm
Tsuka Length
23 cm (Shirasaya)
Sori (curvature)
2.50 cm
Kissaki Length3.50 cm
Moto Haba
3.55 cm
Saki Haba
2.55 cm
Moto Kasane
            A = 0.82 cm
            B = 0.85 cm
Mesures Moto & Saki Kasane
Saki Kasane
            A = 0.62 cm
            B = 0.62 cm
(Curvature on the first third of the blade)
Type Kissaki
Chu  Kissaki (Medium)
Blade Structure
Shinogi zukuri (diamond shaped)
Iori mune (Triangular)
O Buso Gunome Choji Midare (Fukuoka Ichimonji Type)
with Ashi and Sunagashi
Fine Ko Masame/Itame with a Chirimen (Silk Crepes) aspect.
 Midare Komi Gunome type with Kaeri on the Mune (Tempering return)
 Bo-hi Bohi wide and deep on each side, from boshi to Nakago. Shinogi integrated in the groove, «Shinogi Bi».
 Partial extension under the Nakago, «Kaki Toshi».
 Extension on the Boshi, «Kissaki Agari».
Ubu (unaltered), Length 22cm, Signed in Tachi Mei.
Omote Side: «雲州住小林定照作之 » 
'Unshu Ju Kobayashi Sadateru Saku Kore’
Ura Side: «昭和六十年二月古日»  
'Showa 60th year 2nd month (1985)'
Yasuri in KeshoYasuri (Horizontal covered by obliques),
1 Mekugi Ana,  Sotoba gata (without tapering) shape,  Yamashiro Jiri end (rounded)
Saya Shirasaya in Magnolia, length 78.5cm, weight 295g

Fuchi Kashira)
- Tsuka: Shirasaya in Magnolia, length 23cm, weight 88g

- Mekugi: 1 mekugi in black horn

- Habaki: Weight 34g, double Habaki in gilded copper.
Upper part with Horizontal Yasuri, lower part with Vertical Yasuri.
Team Review
Study :
Magnificent traditional modern utsushi (faithful copy) of the Bizentachi blades of the late Kamakura, in Fukuoka Ichimonji. It is an exceptional piece that pays tribute to the ancient sumptuous periods and the sublime blades of the Kamakura era.

Sadateru (貞照), Showa era (昭和, 1926-1989), Shimane Province (島根県).
Used Signatures: 雲州住小林定照作之 "Unshu Ju Kobayashi Sadateru",
雲州住鉄山子小林貞照作之 "Unshu Ju Tessanshi Kobayashi Sadateru Kore O Saku".
Civil Name "Kobayashi Hiroshi"
(小林弘嗣), born in 1938, son of Kobayashi Daishiro Sadayoshi, brother of Sadanori and Sadanaga.
Along with his brothers, sthey studied under the teaching of their father Kobayashi Daishiro (小林大四郎) at the Kobayashi NihontoSmith's Shop 小林日本刀鍛錬場.
The Kobayashi brothers, lived in the town of Oku-Izumo where the only Tatara (traditional oven fot steel reduction) still active in Japan.
Its name Gô "Tessanshi" can also be read as "Tetsuzanshi". He was given the title of Mukansa (best Smith), at the end of his life, and was recognized as "Important cultural asset of Shimane Province". He won, along with his brothers, many prizes with new swords exhibits, showing Bizen tradition Ichimonji Fukuoka of the Kamakura era.

Shimane Province: North Prefecture of the Chugoku Province, in the west of Honshu. This region was the birthpalce of the Bizen tradition smithing, during the Koto era, the famous and reknown Bizen-Den.

Team Review :
Perfect Japanese mirror polished.
Magnificent "modern" blade from one of the best Japanese blacksmiths (ranked Mukanza) of the time. Very beautiful realization on the Bizen-Den style of the Kamakura era (12th century).
Very elegant and powerful blade, with an impressive curvature. Not to be missed.

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