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Travel Bag Armor H44

Bogu Bag

Travel Bag Armor H44 Meirin

99.00 EUR 
110.38 USD 


Transport bag
of the famous Japanese brand Meirin.

Ideal for transporting your armor Kendo, this carrying case is made of nylon.
This rectangular carry bag is ideal for storing your armor kendo.

The opening of the bag is through the front panel.

Characteristics :

he bag is composed:

- Two large pockets for storing keikogi and hakama,
- A removable and adjustable strap slip with a robust clip and two handles,
- From 4 holes for ventilation,
- A slot for a label,
- This bag is light and rigid reinforced in the corners.

Height x width x depth
49,2 x 28,4 x 55 cm
Base : Height x width
 55 x 31,2 cm
1 700 g

Our experimented team stays at your service to advise you in the choice of your equipment.

The advice of the Team Masamune :

Maintenance :

- It is recommended to leave your bag in the open to dry.

- To remove perspiration odors, we recommend you to apply the slightly soapy water on a soft sponge to not delete the impermeability of the bag.

- Do not put soapy water on the metal parts.
- Do not use detergent. Not to machine. Do not leave near heat sources.

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