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Shioda Gozo - Yoshinkan Aikido

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Shioda Gozo - Yoshinkan Aikido 

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Go back to the origins of Aikido with the founder of the Yoshinkan Aikido. Direct student of Moriheļ Ueshiba, master Gozo Shioda, 9th dan, reveals his teachings based on real applications of self-defense, on of the particularities of this traditionnal school. Basic and advanced techniques, demonstration in Japan, historical documentaries : An indispensable film for the practice and the understanding of the former and modern Aikido.

In this DVD :
- History and interview
- Kamae
- Seļzaho
- Hiriki no Yoseļ
- Taļ no Henko
- Syumatsu-Dosa
- Kokyuho
- Shiho-nage
- Ikkajo
- Nikkajo
- Sankajo
- Yonkajo
- Yokomen Irimi nage
- Shomen Irimi nage
- Kote gaeshi
- Tenchi nage
- Hiji shime
- Kokyu nage
- Jyu waza
- Special Techniques

Bonus : demonstration by master Inoue, 9th dan heir of Gozo Shioda.

Languages : 
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Length : 
60 mn
Other info : 
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