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Ryabko & Komarov - Systema Excellence

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Ryabko & Komarov - Systema Excellence 

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Stealth Striking by Mikhail Ryabko
Internal Control by Konstantin Komarov
Systema founder - Colonel Mikhail Ryabko, famous for his unsurpassed punches - reveals, demonstrates and explains Stealth Striking - the types of strikes that are unnoticeable to the opponent. Amazingly, Mikhail's fist calmly comes up, clearly visible to all the participants of the seminar and to the camera, yet remains unseen to his partner every time. A fascinating lesson on distance, positioning, muscle control and eliminating the perception of threat.
Top Systema Specialist - Major Konstantin Komarov, PHD in Combat Psychology - gives a fascinating presentation on developing the mindset to understand fear, pain, stress, shock, death, to control emotions, movements and confrontations. Enjoy dynamic explanations of the Systema principles and apply them directly to survive and prevail.
Includes bonus footage from Systema Camp 2010 on masterful knife disarming and fighting in the water.

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