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Nishio Shoji - Aikido 5 & 6

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Nishio Shoji - Aikido 5 & 6 

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Shoji Nishio Sensei is one of aikido's most innovative teachers incorporating elements from his extensive experience in judo, karate, iaido, and jojutsu in his martial-oriented interpretation of aikido. Nishio Sensei has also developed an elaborate series of bokken, jo, and iaido variations of key techniques as part of his comprehensive system. Each DVD contains two remastered programs from the Nishio VHS series from 1996-97.

Part five of the Nishio Aikido videotape collection presents numerous techniques from yokomenuchi attacks including: shihonage, irimi, kotegaeshi, ken & jo, jo tai ken, ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo, gokyo, and koshinage. Nishio Sensei explains each technique in detail. 

Part six of the Nishio Aikido series covers a variety of ryotedori and sodedori techniques. The techniques demonstrated are: shihonage, ikkyo ura, katate series, nagewaza, kokyunage, ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo, gyaku kime, shime, kirihanashi kotegaeshi, ken tai ken, and jo tai ken.


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