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Yari (Two parts) Sakuraya

Naginata and Yari

Yari (Two parts) Sakuraya

499.00 EUR 
556.38 USD 


Yari from our suppliers Sakuraya.

The yari is an ideal equipment for demonstrations of kata and
theater Japanese .
The blade is made of Zamac (zinc and aluminum alloy).
The shaft is removable in two parts. The shaft is made of wood and lacquered black gloss.
The yari can be used in light contact, the join is reinforced with a steel ring.

The blade is not sharpened. The yari is sold with saya.

The product is sold without the support.

Our experienced team remains at your disposal to advise you in the choice of your equipment.

The advice of the
team Masamune :

- For a good conservation of your equipment, store the yari on a suitable support or flat.
- The uchiko on a blade in zamac is not recommended because its application could scratch the blade.


- To maintain the blade, you can use the oil of Choji (Cloves) and Nuguigami (sheet of rice paper).


Length (cm) : 
193.04 cm
Sheath Size - Saya (cm) : 
Base : 4.8 cm - Midle: 4 cm - End: 4 cm
Diameter : 
2.9 cm
Weight Average (g) : 
1 125 g
Material : 
Zamak (Zinc/Aluminium)
Number of sections : 
Section length : 
Parts 1 : 97.6 cm - Parts 2 : 95.8 cm
Long weapons color : 
Kuroro - Black Gloss Lacquer
Type of fasteners : 
Hammer: Screw
Shape of the Handle - Tsuka : 
Moto Haba - Base width (cm) : 
Face 1 : 2.7 cm - Face 2 : 2 cm - Face 3 : 2.1 cm
Saki Haba - Point width (cm) : 
Face 1 : 2.3 cm - Face 2 : 1.3 cm - Face 3 : 1.3 cm

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