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Modern Craft - Unique Models

Katana - Tamiya Ryu No Dotanuki (2) - Sold 

Katana - Tamiya Ryu No Dotanuki (2)





Shinken - Tamiya No Dotanuki 2 (Mumei)

Nagasa Length (Cutting Edge) : 73,7 cm
Total single blade length :
98,2 cm
Nakago lengt :
24,5 cm
Total length (
mounted) : 104,5 cm
Sori / Curvature :
1,7 cm
Type Curvature : Torii-zori
Saki kasane :
0,5 cm
Moto Kasane : 0,7 cm
Saki Haba :
2,8 cm
Moto Haba :
3,5 cm
Hamachi :
0,2 cm
Munemachi :
0,1 cm
Kissaki length :
4,1 cm
Type Kissaki : Chu-Kissaki
Shape structure : Shinogi Zukuri
Mune : Iori-Mune
Hi : Bo-hi in Shinogi-Hi, lower edge of the throat on the shinogi.
       Extremity on the kissaki in Kissaki Agaru, surpassing the Yokote.
       Begining of the throat in Kaki Nagashi Maru Dome, extended under the habaki and round end.

Single blade weight : 822 g
Mounted blade weight :
1170 g
Total weight with saya :
1461 g

Hamon & Boshi :
Large temper line Toran-Ba in Nie-deki with Yo.
Average width of the hamon is 1,2 cm. Average width of the Nie line is 2 mm.
Boshi Kissaki in Kaeri Yasai ( Short round return on the mune at the yokote) on Ura side
                   & in Jizo No Boshi (Boshi avoking the god Jizo, Typical of Mino's blades) on Omote side

Nakago :
Mei : Mumei, without signature
State : Ubu, original
2 Mekugi Ana, including 1 Shinobi Ana (Hole at the end of Nakago)
End type : Iriyamagata-Jiri (Asymmetric V )
Forme : Sotobagata (Slightly Tapered)
File marks / Yasurime : Kesho Yasuri (Horizontal lines recovered with oblique lines)

Saya : Kuroro (Gloss black lacquer), renforced Koiguchi in horn, Lenght 79.9cm.
Sageo : Blue Silk
Seppa : 2 Copper Seppa
Habaki : Copper recovered with silver sheet with
Yujyo pattern
Menuki : Pattern of flowers and leafs.
Fuchi Kashira : Waves pattern.
Tsuba :
Signed "Shoami Shigenobu" 正阿弥重信
Round shape, Marui gata. Rounded edges, Maru mimi.
             Relief of hollows and lines with openings.
             1 Kozuka Ana & 1 Kogai Ana
Tsuka : lenght 27.5cm, Hinerimaki type in Blue silk, White entire Same, wide Mekugi

State : Second hand that belonged to a Japanese Budo teacher who leave in Europe
           2 slight traces of blows on the lacquer at the level of the kurigata on the inside side (ura side)
           1 Yaki-Ware on the Kissaki, Horinzontal "lines" (splits) generally due to a poor weld between layers of steel.
           Ware are very common and is not a fatal flaw in this case because the blade is thick.

This blade was traditionally made in Japan about fifteen years ago for cutting test, Tamashigiri.
This blade is similar but shorter than the other Dotanuki blade offered in this range of crafts.
Dotanuki blades are thick and powerful, used since the 14th century on the battlefield.
The efficiency was favored compared to the aethetic aspect, which makes those blades sober but very impressive.



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