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Higaonna Morio - The Encyclopeadia of Goju Ryu 6

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Higaonna Morio - The Encyclopeadia of Goju Ryu 6 

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Chjun Miyagi Stated “Through kaishugata and kumite practice, even the smallest details of karate-do may be absorbed into the body. With the practicak applications of attack and defense the true spirit of the martial arts can emerge”.

Suparinpei kata was a speciality of kanryo Higaonna, the teacher of Chojun Miyagi, who had learned it in China as a youth. It is the longest and most complex of the Goju Ryu kata, and the second learned by Chojun Miyagi when a student of Kanryo sensei.

According to Kogyu Tasakin a student of both Juhatsu Kyoda and Chojun Miyagi: “Originally there were three Suparinpei kata: jo, chu, and ge. Today’s Suparinpei is the jo version. The chu and ge versions have passed out of existence.

Although the origins of the Goju Ryu kata have yet to be precisely identified, undoubtedly they are to be found in the martial practices common in the Fuchow area in the second half of the nineteenth century. When the author of this series of instructional DVDs first visited Fuchow in 1987, and demonstrated the Goju Ryu kata, older members of the Fuchow Martial Arts Association recognized, and were able to name many of them. In the case of Suparinpei it is pronounced in the Fukien dialect as So Pak Ling Pak.

The port city of Fuchow was such an important commercial center that the Okinawans maintened a compound there, the Ryukyukan, wich was at the same time a de facto embassy and trade mission mission as well as the interface through wich knowledge of the fighting arts of the respective nations were exchanged. The existence of a graveyard in Fuchow for the Okinawans who livzd, worked, and died at the Ryukyukan bears testimony to its longevity and status it enjoyed.

Contents : Suparinpei Kata.


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