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Weapons Set

All wooden weapons proposed by Masamune are manufactured in Japan, Handcrafted in Kyushu into the Japanese wood. We work with two workshops selected from the four formalized by the Japanese government. The weapon sets are composed of a Jo, a bokken and tanto.    
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Masamune also offers custom wooden weapons, for more information contact us.
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Item     Brand    Price   
Set Akagashi Classic basic Horinouchi
85.50 EUR  95.00 EUR
Set Akagashi Classic Superior Horinouchi
93.60 EUR  104.00 EUR
Set Shirogashi Classic Basic Horinouchi
103.50 EUR  115.00 EUR
Set Shirogashi Classic Superior Horinouchi
108.90 EUR  121.00 EUR
Set Shirogashi Yagyu Horinouchi
116.10 EUR  129.00 EUR
Set Akagashi Jiki Shinkage Horinouchi
100.80 EUR  112.00 EUR
Set Shirogashi Jiki Shinkage Horinouchi
118.80 EUR  132.00 EUR
Set Shirogashi Classic Aramaki
145.80 EUR  162.00 EUR
Shirogashi Jiki Shinkage Aramaki
179.10 EUR  199.00 EUR
Sunuke Jiki Shinkage Set Aramaki
791.10 EUR  879.00 EUR
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