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All Suburito (素振り 刀) proposed by Masamune Kyushu are hand made out of japanese wood in Kyushu (Japan).

Masamune also offers custom wooden weapons. For more information please contact us.
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Hakkaku Suburito Shoto Horinouchi
64.00 EUR 
Sango Suburito Akagashi Horinouchi
68.00 EUR 
Sanpachi Suburito Akagashi Horinouchi
75.00 EUR 
Sango Suburito Shirogashi Horinouchi
82.00 EUR 
Kaigata Suburito 106cm Horinouchi
82.00 EUR 
Sanpachi Suburito Shirogashi Horinouchi
85.00 EUR 
Kaigata Suburito 115cm Horinouchi
90.00 EUR 
Hakkaku Suburito Shinaigata Horinouchi
126.00 EUR 
Hakkaku Suburito Sakibosori Horinouchi
170.00 EUR 
Miyamoto Musashi Suburito Horinouchi
180.00 EUR 
Hakkaku Suburito Sakibutori Horinouchi
185.00 EUR 
Kaigata Suburito Aramaki
119.00 EUR 
Sango Suburito Aramaki
149.00 EUR 
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Sanpachi Suburito Aramaki
159.00 EUR 
Hakkaku Suburito Aramaki
220.00 EUR 
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