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Sakuraya Hakama

Masamune offers exclusive Hakama from the Sakuraya brand. Available in various finishes : a special Aikido finish with a supple koshiita, and a Iaido finish with a thicker koshiita with a tongue to pass through the obi and more supple straps.

Hakama can also be personalized by embroidering your name and / or discipline.

The usual color is black, however it is possible to embroider in red, blue, green, orange, gray, or white.

Note that in Japan the embroidering of his name is a sign of humility. That means you do not think you're worthy enough to have the Sensei remember your name. Only certain masters thus dispense with this formality.

The hakama Sakuraya are available in custom made. For further information please contact the store manager.
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Tetron Black/Blue Sakuraya
Starting from 179,00€
White Tetron Sakuraya
Starting From 188,00€
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9A White Cotton Sakuraya
Starting from 207,00€
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Kinari Canvas Sakuraya
Starting from 271,00€
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Black/Blue Cashmere Sakuraya
Starting from 340,00€
White Cashmere Sakuraya
Starting from 352,00€
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Striped Tetron Sakuraya
355.00 EUR 
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