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Men (Helmet)

Find our selection of helmets from the Meirin workshop to compose your armor of kendo.

The helmet (Men) consists of a menbuton (tile of braided cotton), of the mengane, of men-himo (cords).

Several stitches are available: 6 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm.
The kendo helmets are made to measure in the Japanese workshop Meirin.

Our team stays in your listening for you advise your equipment.
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Men Bogu N3 Stitch 6 mm (Helmet) Meirin
294.00 EUR 
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Men Bogu N4 Stitch 5 mm (Helmet) Meirin
521.00 EUR 
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Men Bogu N6 Stitch 3 mm (Helmet) Meirin
656.00 EUR 
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