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The Masamune team inform you:

Due to the Covid crisis and government mesures, your store is closed to the public until further notice.

The orders are to be made on our website and can be retrieved in "Click and Collect" as organised by the store.

Thanking you for your trust and support, take care of yourself and your loved ones!
The Masamune Team
We inform that Japanese manufacturing times can reach 4 to 10 weeks
in case of Japanese orders and products customization.

We invite you to contact us by mail or phone to know the products availability on store.
✆ +33 (0)9 62 24 29 31   -   ✉
The Masamune Team 


Blade-old-antique-katana-tanto-yari-tsuba-fuchi kashira-masamune-paris-collection
Katana Echizen Kuni Ju Kanenori
Katana Echizen Kuni Ju Kanenori
Katana - Tachi - Tenryushi Masataka (Kao)
Katana - Tachi Tenryushi Masataka (Kao)
天龍子正隆 (花押)
Katana - Gunto - Ise No Daijo Yoshihiro - 伊勢大掾吉広
Katana - Gunto Ise No Daijo Yoshihiro 
masamune-paris-Wakizashi - Seki Zenjo Kaneyoshi
Wakizashi Seki Zenjo Kaneyoshi "関善定兼吉"
Gimei - Shinto

 OTanto "Mumei"
Edo Ishido

Tsuba "Oshôgatsu Kazari"

  kakejiku-calligraphie-ancienne-masamune-paris-decoration intérieure-japon
Author : Katsugawa Shunsho
Author : Untei
Utagawa Toyokuni
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