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Dotanuki Minosaka

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Product customization
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The hamon of Dotanuki  is the Suguha by default. If you want to change the hamon, refer to image 4, and specify the name of the new one of the new quenching line in the input field "Customizing the article" above.

Dotanuki is a sword whose weight, shape and balance are similar to those of swords used by feudal lords and great warriors from the Bakumatsu period (end of shogunat Tokugawa 1853/1867). Elegant simplicity, dynamism and force define this exceptional weapon. Created by famous blacksmith master Dotanuki Kunikatsu, this weapon was designed to cut off its target in a single stroke.

The Dotanuki's blade is the heaviest and the thickest available on this website.
The tsuka (hilt) is perfectly wrapped with coton over galuchat skin.
The saya (scabbard) is available is Kuroishime (Matte Black), Chaishime(Matte Brown), Kuroro (Lacquered Black), Chairo Wakasa (Brown Lacquered)
The blade is made of a strengthened alloy of zinc and aluminium. Its available size goes up to 2,60 shakus (approx. 78.8 cm).
Sageo (hanging cord) and tsuka (hilt) are available in kuro (black), ao (blue) or chairo (brown).

It's also possible to extend the tsuka up to 30 cm and make the Same black. All tsubas are available.

Notice : Without saya : 1250g - With saya : 1550g

The Fuchi Kashira standardly mounted on Dotanuki is the one mounted on the black Tsuka.

Material : 
Zamak (Zinc/Aluminium)

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