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- 14/04/2014 : Arrival Tokyodo, Aikidogi Tsubaki, Karategi, white and black belts.
- 12/03/2015 : Arrival of Iaito for beginner, Shoshin & Deshi, Maintenance Kit & Iai accessories
- 14/02/2014 : Arrival Iwata, Hakama, Aikidogi, Basics and superior weapon bag
05/02/2014 : Arrival Horinouchi, Bokken classics & koryu, jo, tanto, wakisashi, suburito, Bo.
02/01/2014 : Arrival Iaito Jidai Basic, Jidai, Higo, Yagyu & Accessories, Sageo, Maintenance Kit...

The team Masamune
presents a new dogi for aikido and judo.

We wanted to offer a first prize of Japanese quality. We have succeeded in finding a dogi for all practitioners and for a small price.

Dogi Made in japan from 85,00€

L'Equipe Masamune

Discover our new Uchigatana dated of 16th century  and signed (Mei) No-shu-Seki Ju-No-Kanemasu.

The shape of this blade is particularly long by the little curvature and length Nakago typical of the Momoyama period. Kanemasu is from Mino Province and was active in the early 16th century.
The specifics of this katana is in great varieties of different technical aspects of grain and Hamon, features a large activity in the forging and tempering

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New items in our range of wooden weapons, discover our selection of Bo from Horinouchi workshops.

Straight or tapered, red or white oak, of different diameters, we present a selection of 6 bo.
These Bo have the same quality of finish all our weapons workshops Horinouchi.

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Wealth of Aikido, Variations and Harmonization of ki:

This DVD offers a job with hands, Jo, and Iai bokuto insisting on changes and harmonization of energy in motion.

It is part of the desire for a specific transmission and reflected traditional aikido, which exceeds the usual catalog of graduation ceremonies. The focus is on the availability and respect for the axes. It is intended for practitioners and teachers of all levels who wish to enrich their practice.

All techniques are filmed with long shots, tight and slow for showing details of stances and axes.
Only In French.
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